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Though we offer a broad range of services, we believe our very greatest service is working with you to create a personalized plan – a plan that turns your optimal oral health from a hope or wish into a deliberate, informed choice. Once we know your plan, every procedure is done in a way to bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

  • Comprehensive Approach – We create a personalized plan just for you

  • Current Technology – To enhance the quality of our work & your experience

  • Broad Range of Services – Your optimal health is our ultimate goal

How do we do that? We start by listening to you. Your interactive comprehensive examination allows you and Dr. Davis to discover together an accurate understanding of your current oral conditions. While we can’t change your history, learning where you are today helps us clarify what is possible for your future. We want to help you keep what you love about your smile and change what you wish could be different.

Our Approach

Technology For Your Benefit

We choose technology that enhances both the quality of our work and the experience for our clients.

  • Digital X-Ray – Instant high quality images and lowest radiation exposure

  • Intra-oral Camera – You see what we see during oral examinations

  • Air Abrasion – Some procedures done without drill or anesthesia

  • The Wand – Makes receiving anesthetic easier for you

  • NuCalm – All-natural way to experience a relaxing visit

  • Laser Detector – Keep restorations small & conserve more natural tooth

  • Laser Soft Tissue Procedures – Less discomfort, improved healing, more predictable results

The level of knowledge required to deliver this type of dentistry has taken Ron to a diverse range of continuing education courses. His learning continues through study, course attendance, and direct work with masters in the field.

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Services Available Include

We believe in a foundation of healthy occlusion, and in enhancing aesthetics with every procedure.

  • Enhancements – Tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers.

  • Treatment of TMD – TMJ and bite disorders, appliance therapy, full-mouth rehabilitation.

  • Preventive Services – Prophylaxis procedures, tooth sealants, emphasizing effective personal care.

  • Periodontal Therapy – For healthy bone and gums to support your teeth.

  • Restoration of Teeth – Tooth-colored fillings, crowns, on-lays, inlays, & root canal therapy.

  • Replacement of Teeth – Placement of mini implants, implant restoration, bridgework, full and partial dentures.

  • Sleep Medicine – Fabrication of oral appliances to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Call us at 406-540-1342 if you have questions about these or other services.

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Our innovative approach is designed to maximize your comfort and to acheive the best results for you.

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