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We are accepting new clients! Call us at 406-540-1342, or e-mail us and we will be happy to call you to determine the appropriate type of appointment for you. Dr. Ronald Davis, DDS, and the entire professional team at Greenery Park Dentistry is dedicated to serving you. Here for your information are some questions that we commonly get asked.

Dr. Davis believes there is a significant distinction between “cosmetic” and “aesthetic” dentistry. There is an art to restoring and refining teeth so that they look healthy and naturally beautiful – quite different from the “one size fits most” approach often used in cosmetic dental work. His goal is for you to still look like you, only better than you did before. Unlike cosmetic work, aesthetic dentistry is concerned equally with function and appearance. This requires attention to the health of your bite, the health and appearance of your gums, and the characteristics that make your teeth blend with the others in your mouth and that make your smile unique. Because there is comprehensive attention to health and function as well as beauty, aesthetic dentistry looks better, feels better, is easier to maintain, and lasts longer.

You can expect to participate in a co-discovery process. We will help you see what we see, as we see it. We believe it is equally important for you and for Dr. Davis to understand the conditions present in your mouth and how they occurred. You can expect plenty of questions about your history, your current concerns, and your goals for your dental future. You can also expect ample opportunities to ask us questions. During the exam we record detailed information about the health of your head and neck muscles, your jaw joints, the hard and soft tissues in and around your mouth, and your teeth. The outcome of this process is a clear picture of where you are today. Clients often tell us it was the most thorough and informative dental exam they have ever had.

Our exam fee always includes as much consultation time as needed for you and Dr. Davis to create your personalized plan. We’ll talk with you about options and help you understand the implications of choices you make. We want to work with you over time to help you achieve the level of health you desire for yourself.

Dental x-rays allow you and Dr. Davis to see parts of your mouth that cannot be seen in any other way. They are necessary to do a thorough diagnosis. Please let us know your specific concerns about having dental x-rays. We use only digital x-ray in our office. This modern equipment exposes you to up to 90% less radiation than film x-rays. We continue to use protective aprons to further ensure your safety. In some cases we can obtain recent x-rays from your previous dentist and postpone the need for additional ones.

That depends on the age and needs of the particular child. We love kids and believe there is no reason they should have anything but a lifetime of positive dental experiences. Please call us to decide if your child would be better served by us or by a pediatric dentist.

We understand that sometimes a particular need is more urgent, if not an actual emergency. That may be the best place to start. When you are ready, our wish is to help you take charge of your own oral health and prevent that type of situation from occurring again.

If you are a new client with a dental emergency, please call and we will accommodate you as soon as possible. One important outcome of working with you on a plan for lifelong health is to minimize the need for emergency care. Rest assured, however, if a dental emergency occurs once you are an established client, we will find a way to take care of you. If your emergency occurs when we are not in the office, you will be able to reach Dr. Davis or someone he trusts in his absence. Just call 406-540-1342 and follow the instructions.

Payment is accepted by cash, check, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express. Financing is available through Care Credit on credit approval. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered unless you have made other arrangements with us in advance. Please talk with us if you have questions about paying for treatment. We will do our best to help you find a way to receive the care you choose.

The short answer to your question is: probably.

We understand our clients’ desire to take advantage of their dental benefits. Sometimes we see them disappointed when those benefits don’t completely match their needs. No one from the insurance company checked your teeth or asked you what kind of dental health was important to you. That’s okay. That’s our job. In this practice we will always make recommendations based on what we believe to be the best for you, never on what your policy covers. We refuse to allow our responsibility to you to be clouded by any contracts with insurance companies.

Dental insurance was never designed to pay for everything everyone in the plan might want, only to defer some of the cost of some of the treatment its customers might choose. Even though it is common for a dental plan to state that it covers “100% of preventive services” it is extremely rare for that to be literally true. In most cases the coverage stated is a percentage of an allowance established by the insurance company, having no relation whatsoever to actual fees charged, and with many restrictions and limitations attached.

We encourage you to look at dental insurance as an aid in achieving your goals. We will help you figure out the benefits available, help you ask appropriate questions of your benefits advisor, and help you receive the maximum benefit from your plan. We are happy to file claims for you and in most cases will accept assignment of benefits. When you assign benefits to us on your behalf, we will estimate the amount not covered by your benefits and ask you to pay that amount at the time of service. Any remaining balance is expected upon receipt of the insurance payment.

Occlusion refers to the way your teeth touch each other as you use them. Most of our clients tell us they want dentistry that is done right the first time. They want the longest lasting, most dependable, most comfortable, and most attractive dentistry they can have. That’s also what we see as the best and, in the long run, most economical dentistry. A good stable occlusion increases the comfort and longevity of your teeth and any dental work done to them. Conversely, unstable occlusion can lead to many of the problems described in our TMD page. If you are frustrated by having dental work repeatedly redone, it is likely because your occlusion was not sufficiently taken into account. Dr. Davis’s passion for getting it right the first time for the long term has led him to devote more than 1,000 hours of continuing education specifically to learning about occlusion.

For many years Dr. Davis has used only mercury-free tooth-colored materials such as composite resin or porcelain for fillings, inlays, and onlays. Not only are these restorations more attractive, they are actually bonded to the tooth for increased strength. If you have specific questions about materials, Ron will be happy to talk with you.

We appreciate the confidence you place in us and the loyalty that develops as you become comfortable in our office. We also understand the convenience of “one-stop shopping” and are certainly prepared to do most procedures right here in our office. However, we also know that we only deserve your trust if we always have your best interest as our highest priority. For that reason, you can rest assured that if Dr. Davis ever feels he cannot provide the highest level of care for a particular procedure, he will refer you to a specialist with similar values about your care. Our team will coordinate the process to ensure it is consistent with the plan you have developed with us. Dental specialties exist because complex conditions exist, sometimes requiring advanced training for appropriate treatment. We are fortunate to have excellent specialists available right here in the Flathead Valley for oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, and pediatric dentistry.

If you have any other questions or need more information about our professional services, call us at 406-540-1342, or use the form on our contact page and we’ll get right back to you.

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