Our Team is Committed to Providing You the Best Dental Experience

We believe the best results happen when we work in collaboration with our clients. While we know a lot about dentistry, we respect the fact that you know more about yourself than we ever will. Together we will create a long-term plan for your health that fits your life situation and personal goals.

Would you appreciate being 
asked what you want by
 your dentist instead of being 
told what you should want? You can expect our entire team to take the time to pay attention to your concerns and gently respond to your needs.

Our approach
  • Personal Attention – You can expect the focus of our entire staff to be centered on you during your visit.

  • Comfort – We believe that modern dentistry is pain-free dentistry. You deserve our careful use of technique and technology and the time it takes to keep you comfortable.

  • Smile with confidence – We believe the highest quality of dentistry enhances both function and beauty. Rest assured, we stand behind our work knowing that it will serve you well for a very long time.

Focused On You

We see only one person at a time for truly individualized care.

Professional Service

We provide a complete range of dental services in a friendly, relaxing environment.

We Care About You

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What’s New

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“If your dentist will get you an appointment, same day or within 24 hours, understands how important every tooth means to you, cares about his patients with or without exceptional insurance, does everything possible to make his visits affordable, and not only continues to learn groundbreaking techniques, but implement them if it means saving your teeth… you must already be seeing my dentist Dr. Davis at Greenery Park Dentistry! If not, I hope you see for yourself how awesome everyone in his office is!”


Your Partner for Lifelong Health

Selecting a dentist is a very personal choice. We believe you will find our practice to be unique from any other and invite you to see for yourself before making your decision.

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Experience Truly Individualized Care

Our innovative approach is designed to maximize your comfort and to acheive the best results for you.

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